Wednesday, March 2, 2011

its really in their blood.

I happened to read a few new blogs lately and most of those blogs were of girls'. I was surprised that they all have one thing in common - 'About Me'.

They all have written pretty well the same thing. Below mentioned are the 'words/phrases' I happened to notice.

1. Imperfect
2. Perfectly Imperfect
3. A blend of Imperfections

etc etc etc...

I dont know if they wrote specifically about them or about girls in general. Maybe, no girl on the planet is perfect. Maybe, like I said in one of my post, they are just showing off.

Maybe, its really in their blood. khe khe...

PS: This is just my observation. Please dont feel offended.

Photo Credit: Sam Hatch / Image


Red Handed said...

Ummm..actually that i look at my about me too :(

The word imperfect is absent though

Anoop said...

hehe..i wil comment on tat after readin ur 'about-me' :D :P


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