Wednesday, March 16, 2011

what goes around, comes around.

Pre-Script: Ninu, this one is for you and for you alone.

If you hurt someone with a stone, sooner or later someone else will hurt you with a different stone. I dont know if I make any sense. But what I said is true. I have had a lot of experiences and I'm yet to learn from it. Because right now, I'm going to throw a stone at someone.

I love to take revenge. Most of the time I let the feeling go off my head. But there are situations where the gush leaves a scar deep inside my mind. No matter how hard I try, the scar stays intact.

I dont know if I'm the only person on earth to take revenge this way - I look into their eyes and smile at them when they are suffering from pain. No big deal. Just smile.

Yes, I know. We are not going to meet again, ever. I can text you a smiley though. That would do. I know you will see me in your mind. I dont know if that smiley will ever make you shed a tear. I wish it would. I'm very cruel at times. Never thought you would be a victim. Though I never thought you will say 'that' in the first place.

PS: Ironically, someone might be waiting to smile at me. I dont care.


Neeha said...

OMG!!Such a terrifying pic for such a nice n meaningful post.

Red Handed said...

I cant agree more. Revenge is sweet. I dont take revenge but i know sumone who has hurt me will be somday get hurt with thrice the pain. nd wen it does happen to tht one, i look and smile. But soon the cruel mind gets covered with the feeling of pity :( and thts not a good thing

Anoop said...

isnt tat pic nice????? :D i loved it...n i can see revenge in his eyes..tats y i put it in here.. :)

sorry if u dint like it.. :(

yea tats true too... hmmmm...

Alcina said...

Very true..
And revenge is a reflex action i feel :P

Anoop said...

thanks for ur comment Alcina... :D

Alcina said...

Mention ws ma pleasure :)

Anonymous said...

The picture here speaks a thousand words!

Anoop said...

hehe... :D thanks Nehha... the pic is really terrifyin... :D

Pria said...

scary!! i wish they may not get the same pain.. but at least they should realize and think of me when they suffer.. :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Loved the Post! And OhMyGod! Those Eyes.... :D WOW!!!


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