Tuesday, March 29, 2011

next to God.

God just love to see some people suffering. No matter how good they are.

I saw a programme in one of the malayalam channel about a mother who lost 5 of her 9 kids and 6th one is waiting for his turn. They all had kidney trouble. I felt so bad about them. I know sympathy is not what they want. I really want to help. I cant lend them a kidney. But I can surely spare some money for them.

Please, before you spend some money on luxury, before you spend money on something which you can live without, even if its a 100 bucks, help people who really need it.

At least you can tell yourself that you did something. Something not even God did.

PS: Many many happy returns. Happy Birthday.

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Rajlakshmi said...

a beautiful thought ...
and i loved how you ended it.

Anoop said...

thanks a lot Rajlakshmi.. :)

Red Handed said...

Sweet of u to even ponder tht way
Btw whts with the PS?

Anoop said...

Thanks Red..... :)
n PS.....its a long story..... i m sure u ll get bored... if i say it... ;) :D

Red Handed said...

@Anoop- if its too long...make it ur next post :P

Anoop said...

hahah.... heyyy red... i never thot it tat way.... hmmm tats a really good idea... :D

Red Handed said...


Vivarjitha said...

true...we all need to think abt this!!

Insignia said...

Yes, few of them dont get anything else other than misery. They suffer forever.

Yours is a nice gesture. I saw the PS

Happy birthday to whosoever you had in mid :-)

Hey! thanks for visiting my blog.

Anoop said...

yes...we all need to think of it... :)

thanks for the bday wishes... though its not my bday... n hey thanks for visitin my blog too.... :)

Always Happy said...

Noble thought Anoop. God bless you.

Anoop said...

always happy
thanks a lot... :)

Alcina said...

A wonderful thought and cause to support for :) ..I would love to spare but kya hai na ki neither i have a job nor mujhe pocket money milti hai..so i want some more way out to help too :(
You go so fast with your blog..main bohot kuch miss kar gaye..okey will compensate :D
Aur kinna cuteeeeeeeeeeeee name rakha hai ninu :)

Ninu said...


n u dont hav to borrow money to help them... help only when u can... :)

n ninu is cute na???? hehehe i knew tat... :D omg..m blushin... :D


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