Monday, March 7, 2011

it never works out the first time.

There is nothing more painful in this world than hearing from the person we love the most that she loves someone else. It doesn’t matter how much we love someone. There is always someone else who loves the same person more than we do.

I got an email from N asking me to stop disturbing D. I didn’t really understand what N actually meant by the word ‘disturbing’. How am I supposed to ‘disturb’ my wife-to-be? Even if I’m disturbing, I think I have the right to. Why does he care?

It was not a rude email, though I couldn’t digest it. Who on earth is N? I hadn’t even heard of him from her. I replied asking his contact number. I desperately wanted to talk to him. He gave his number and I called him the next moment. He sounded polite and cool. He was 4 years younger than me. He was a friend of D. Best friends I must say. He told me not to disturb D or her parents again. I was more than shocked. I was in US at the time. I’m wasting my money. I didn’t know what to do.

He was saying each and every word that I and D used to talk over the phone. How the hell he came to know about all that? He told me things I told D which I didn’t even remember. He said he has access to D’s email and he has seen all my emails. He also told me that D is not at all interested to get married to me. I asked why is not D saying this to me and why you? ‘She is afraid to tell you this and she is doing this for her parents. She doesn’t want to make her parents sad. She doesn’t want to insult them.’ – was his reply.

I didn’t utter a word. My heart sank. I asked him about his interest in our case. He said he can’t see D suffering. He warned me to drop this alliance. I asked if he loved her. He said he did and he loves her more than anyone else on the planet.

I called D and asked about N. Not even once had she mentioned about N. She is not in love with him but she fears of a life with me, a life like hell. That’s the word she used to mention how her life would be with me – HELL!

I didn’t say anything. I loved her a lot. I was on the verge of crying. Not because she is going to drop this but for using the word ‘Hell’. I asked her to explain it – What is that I did for her to say it would be hell? She kept mum.

I didn’t even think of dropping the alliance. I loved her. I wanted to marry her. I knew she loved me too somewhere deep inside her heart. I thought I would wait for her. I always wanted to marry the girl I meet first. I mean, the girl I meet which comes as an alliance. You know, it sucks to go meet a lot of girls and dropping them (or they dropping me) for some stupid reasons. I actually did forget about my 2-syndrome.

God’s plan would be completely different from our plans. It had to get dropped. I don’t want to mention the reasons here but I can assure you that it’s not because of the reason I mentioned before. See, how can it be hell? I’m not a bad guy you see. I think I’m good, not very good though. ;)

How would you feel if you hear those words from someone about the person you are going to get married – that he/she loves her/him more than anyone else?

I just want her to be happy whoever she gets married to. She is damn beautiful when she smiles.

PS: I apologize for the length of this post.


Sunakshi said...

Yes.I'm stuck up in exam preparations..graduation exams first from 17th march,then CS from 5th june,latter are way too tough and i am yet to do a lot :(

Sad post,hope better come to your way soon.

Anoop said...

hmmmm...m good now sunkashi...

go study for ur exams... :P :D

ash89 said...

You deserve better. And I'm not just saying it for the heck of it.
You could not possibly have been happy with someone who thought her life with you, would have been like hell.

Anoop said...

hmmmmmmmmm hopefully so...

Anonymous said...

That's sad to know, well.

Anoop said...

neha..thanks for droppin by... :)

Red Handed said...

Ouch!! Terrible things happen in life and all we can do is console ourselves by saying "THIS TOO SHALL PASS"

the blog length doesn't matter !

Anoop said...

red handed
how many times shud we let them all pass???? :(((

Red Handed said...

God likes to be nasty sometimes you know but you be fine!!

Love is nasty too. I remember something i read somewhr...bleh!

"Love is a perky little elf dancing a merry little jig and then, suddenly, he turns on you with a miniature machine gun."

Ana said...

Omg! It almost made me cry :(

God saved you hun. You do deserve better. There's someone out there who feels that living a life with you would be like "heaven" :)

Anoop said...

thanks for droppin by...
tat was more than jus an inspiration... :) thanks a lot.. :D

What's in a name? said...

I can say from personal experience that I felt exactly the same when i went through this, when someone chose their career over me, and another one cheated on me. But guess what I was not giving up on love and now I have no regrets with what life offered me...I mean not really...there are problems with everyone we are with, but its never like the last person who cud love u is dead. also, i wud want to be with a guy who loves me than a guy i love :) cheerio !

Ninu said...

whats in a name
yes...i think everyone has got their own problems... jus tat we need to live with it... tats the toughest part..
hope u doin good now.... :)

thanks for droppin by.... :)


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