Monday, December 7, 2009

its good to be home.

I'm home. After really long time. I feel good. I feel bad too for i dont have a net connection at home. Planning to take a Tata Photon+ 2moro. Let me see how its gonna work out. I will have to move to Coimbatore on Wednesday.

Everyone is good here i guess. This time it was slightly different from my other visit. Cuz this time i was out of my home most f the time. Usually i don go out of my home once i reach here for personal reasons. No friends ask me also. I dont care about that. neither do they :( khe khe khe...But i'm happy to hear that they read my blog :D

This time also i had a fight with my parents sayin abt love marriage and arranged marriage. Its an on-goin fight. Hmmm i wil keep fighting till i succeed :D

Okay... So I'm using my friends net connection. He can kick me out any moment. So let me stop here. Sorry for this post. I mean a good-for-nothin post. sorry... :D


rimz said...

hve a nice time n a good fight
(till u suceed..!!!)...

Anoop said...

thanks Rimz... ;)

Sorcerer said...

thats a good motto to live with
fight fight fight..till you succeed!!

Anoop said...

Thanks @above


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