Sunday, December 13, 2009

my strange haircut.

I went to the barber shop and asked them to cut it short, too very short. They gave me a strange look. i dint bother. i just somehow wanted to get rid of my hair. I got surprised seeing myself in the mirror. I was like who-is-this? khe khe khe...

I went to the photo studio to take my passport size foto, for i gotto submit tat during the time of joining. I went there and ordered for 20 copies. They asked me to look at the foto n check if wat i asked them to print is right or wrong. I pointed to the file BX-44 and asked them to take prints of 'that'.
'Who is this?' the keeper asked me.
i gave him a strange look. 'Its me' i said. hmmm... embarrassing situation.

Same thing happened again. i went to the company to join there. i went there and they gave me the forms that must be filled on the DOJ. They asked me my photo copies and i gave them too. After sometime, senior HR executive called me up to his cabin and asked me my DOB, father's name mother's name, PAN card number and all those to check if i'm the real ME. khe khe khe.. it took me sometime to make them believe that it was really ME. :((


Sunakshi said...

Hope its a good xP

Urvashi said...

what such haircut did u get??????? M wondering...... :P

Chocolate Lover said...

haha LOL!!


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