Friday, December 25, 2009

long time no see, psycho.

I'm back after a very long interval, i guess. I was in Coimbatore. Sadly, I was not allowed to log on to blog sites. I'm home now. I just wanted to take some time to check if my friends here stil remember me. khe khe khe...

I happened to get a comment from Urvashi. So Urvashiii... here I'm. :D
Yet again I heard that my so-called-friends read my blog and I suspect if they missed my psycho-blog-posts. I think my blogs are meaningful, at least for me and some of them who read mine. And those who feel I'm a psycho-fuckin-looser, please, you would really need a mirror.
The above text was meant to someone who is so special, respectful and he who thinks he knows everything and actually knows nothing. Why don't you go check the polio vaccination schedule?

So, today was a very important day in my life. I came home for a reason and I think I'm 90% successful. Rest 10%...hmmm...yes i can get it done over time. :D Let it remain a secret till then. Need your prayers BTW.

I'm expected to take a Tata Indicom Photon+ very soon which would mean you can expect my frequent visits to read blogs and also to write some psycho-blogs :P


Urvashi said... sweet of u to mention my name... actually habituated to readin posts(i find them really meaningful ones) from ur blog ws rly missing u....

good tht u r back....

n yeah.. Praying for u... :)

hv a nice time..cyaa :)

An Ordinary Gal said...

I missed your posts really infact yesterday only I visited ur blog...nice to see you back and ya Good Luck for whatever u r doing :)

Harini said...

I got nothing of this post... I m confused :P

Anoop said...

i hope i ll be here again.. :D n u missed my blogs??? sweet... ;)

thank u so much for droppin by...


Thanks for the wish... :D

Anonymous said...

Hey psycho blogger ;):D dis is Aarti ..I wonder y u stil get confused btwn Riya n me ..nyways ..missd ur posts a lot :)good to c u bk :)

Anoop said...

oooohhh...i always get confused between arti n riya... :(
sorryyy i wont make a mistake again..

or there is a better idea.. u betta change ur display name... khe khe khe... ;D


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