Friday, December 4, 2009

at office.

So here I'm. The most awaited day this was, since i joined the company. The Last Working Day! khe khe khe...I cant type another blog sitting in this office. From 10th, new office, new place and new friends.

I got nothin to tell you in person. But i think i will miss you people. Yes, hopefully very few of them. My Project Manager and people who sit next to me. I would keep in touch with them for sure. I'm happy but sad also on the other side of my brain :)

i dont wanna type any longer. These people will block my ID as soon as I finish this email. So I'm in a hurry. I don wanna take last minute risks :D n yea You would also prefer me to stop flattering.

I will see you all. Love you...

Photo Credit: Alejandro MacĂ­as / Image


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