Friday, December 25, 2009

they are called 'relatives'

This post is about my recent observation about our family relatives. I, unfortunately, happened to talk about my friend's love marriage to my parents. Luckily, for my parents, one of my relative was also at home.

I found a very funny truth (in fact, many) when we finished the conversation.

Their first problem is that it is a 'Love Affair'. They hate the word love BIG TIME. Their next problem is if she is of the same caste or religion. They dont care even if the guy/gal is good-for-nothin.

Next problem is 'family-support'. And by the word, they just mean that they need all their relatives to come for the marriage. They give lot of suggestions. They vanish after the D-Day. They are those who spend lakhs and lakhs of money for a marriage and then regret spending it.

Their next problem is 'public'. What would they say? Public - assholes. They are just interested to make problems. Oops..I'm sorry. I dint mean every one of them but very few like ***** :P

I have only one question. "Can you promise me that I would be happy for the rest of my life if I marry a gal you suggest? "


yofiel said...

Dear Anoop,

I have a real simple answer for you. I can promise you that you will be happy for rest of your life if you marry a girl that you like not the one that anyone suggests.

But one question for you. Do you think that you will be happy for the rest of your life if you marry a girl that you only think is perfect for you?...

I haven't heard of an arranged marriage where the bride is selected by the groom's parents. Becoz ultimately it is you who ties the knot, not your parents. So we cannot blame them at will.

So my friend the most simple way is broaden your thots, widen your perspectives and think positive and let the almighty above save us all..

Hey dude you are a good writer do not end up as a Male Choanist...

Anoop said...

Thank u so much for ur comment.. :)
wat u said is true..very true..
but sometimes i dono..i jus cant accept them.. :((


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