Sunday, May 23, 2010

the d-day.

I'm sure you people have watched lot of movies where the gal brings tea for the guy, they exchange sights and wear a smile on their face. Today I happened to experience it. OMG! I got no words to explain the situation.

I was dumbstruck when the gal's father asked if he can ask her daughter to bring tea for us. I shook my head. I saw her coming from the kitchen with a tray with tea-cups. I looked at her for a second. She did too. I dint look at her face when she gave me a cup of tea.

I dont want to explain what all happened there but everything went good. She is fine. I'm good too. Hope everything will turn out to be good.

May 23rd, Sunday has turned out to be one of the most important days of my life. The D-Day, the day I met my 'D' (her name starts with 'D').

Photo Credit: Octavio Lopez / Image


An Ordinary Gal said...

nice to hear smth good from ur side Anoop. Congrats :)

Deeps!! said...

so.. congratulations are in order? :)

but does this really happen?

Anonymous said...

oh wow wow wow finally we can hear the wedding bells ringing soon??? :P ;)I am all smiles to even think about how things would have turned out :P and m sure this is making u smile too :) So bhaiya went to see bhabhi ?? :P Hope to hear a gudnews very post it soon :P

Urvashi said...

ohh Wow.... .this sounds really good... Hope there is more Good news o nthe way....

TC :)


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