Friday, May 7, 2010

marriages happen in heaven? depends.

I have never come across a situation like this in my life. I have heard of such news through my friends, through newspaper. It was one of my distant relative's marriage yesterday. And the girl ran-away with someone one day before the wedding.

The news was a shock to everyone and the groom almost lost his life. I dont know if they got to talk over phone (cuz that happens a lot these days) and get acquainted. But she honestly could have avoided this kind of embarrassment in the very last moment. What was inside her mouth when the engagement happened?

But there is a reason for her waiting till the wedding day. She eloped with all the gold her parents bought for her. Luckily, groom's parents happened to find some girl in their distant-relation and got them married on time.

Will she ever escape from the curses of those many people? Will love make people so blind? Thank God, she dint elope on the day of wedding. OMG!

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