Sunday, September 2, 2012

and she never texted again.

 “He was the one I was telling you about the other day.” Sarika says pointing towards me. I was waiting near the counter to pay the bill.

 Prakriti wasn’t listening. She was busy with her phone.
 “…condom? That was him.” Sarika says.

 The word condom broke her reverie.

 “Condom? What condom?” Prakriti says

 “The guy I told you about – he is the one. See that tall thin guy walking out?” Sarika says pointing at me.
 I and Prakriti knew each other through Book Club – an arrangement which let the employees borrow books from other employees. Prakriti had taken a few days’ vacation last week and got delayed in returning my book.

 I had sent a reminder message on her mobile for she wasn’t available at office. She apologized. And that’s how it started. We had started texting each other a lot and I instantly liked her.

 Prakriti was remembering the conversation she had with Sarika a few weeks ago.
 “You know what? I saw one guy buying a condom from our supermarket. I just can’t believe he bought a condom, a condom with so many guys and girls around him. I appreciate his guts.” Sarika said.

 “Really? Who? Oh my god. A lot of things are happening around us.” Prakriti says, clearly surprised. “Some people have fun in a different way. Look around. This place is like a mega-hostel with no warden, no parents, no one at all to control them. This is the best place a ‘couple’ can ask for. Anyway, I want to see that guy.” She winked.

 “But condoms? In front of a lot of people?” Sarika said, disgusted.

 “Okay. I agree. Condom’s a bit too much. Don’t tell me you people haven’t had ‘urges’ when you meet him.” Prakriti teased Sarika.

 Few days before…

 “Thank god no one rang the bell.” He said. Sarika was lying next to him in her bedroom.

 “Bell? Thank god you had a condom with you and my roommate has gone home.” She said.

 “Oh Prakriti has gone home? And the condom, my friend, Akash, bought it for me.”

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Insignia said...

Liked the flow of your words. Neither fast, not slow. And the end was hmm...kinda unexpected.

Anoop said...


thanks for ur comment.. :D hope u liked it :)

Arunima said...

duniya duniya, duniya badi gol hain! :-)


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