Sunday, February 7, 2010

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I always have dinner from the same hotel, same table, same chair. The same boy used to come to me to take orders. Its kinda routine now. I always give him the same order everyday. Now he is used to it.

2 plain dosa, 1 set sambar-idli and pomegranate juice. ( tummy is a small one :D)

Even the juice-master will start preparing the juice once he sees me. They give me a warm welcome everyday. The boy used to bow his head as if I'm his king and he is ready to take orders. I used to doubt if his head hits the table. I used to have breakfast from the same hotel sometimes but I never get such a treatment from any other people working there.

I gave him Rs.10 tips one day and looked his face. He was smiling as if he got his highest tip ever. since that day, I give him Rs.10 as tip everyday.

I'm happy that he is happy cuz of me, at least one person in this world. :)


Meenakshi said...

oh.. there would be lots of people who would be happy because of you, you are just unaware of them, yet.

An Ordinary Gal said...

It always give a pleasure to the person when anyone is happy because of him :)

rimz said...

tiny things in life often gives us soo much pleasure n content..:)

Aarti said... he a small boy ??? If so , would be happy if you could help him with his education :)

Anoop said...

Rite... meenakshi...

very true riya n rimz... :D

arti.. no i dono if he is a kid or not.. he don look tat old though.. :D

Urvashi said...

thats so nice...seeing someone else being happy cos of us really makes us so happy naa...??? :)

Anoop said...

Hmmm... it makes us really happy when tat person is the only person whoz happy cuz f you...

krishnakumar said...

This is all crazy
I am too sleepy
I think you are a pig
But what you did here is big
For someone who doesn't have a mind
You can be pretty kind.

Do you do this thing
So that you feel like a king?

What matters is the intention
Is it time for introspection?

I know some lines do not rhyme
I don't have a lot of time

When what you write
Is absolute trite
I think it's time
I say good-night


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