Sunday, February 14, 2010

vodafone network spolied it all.

This is not the first time. This fuckin vodafone network in Coimbatore sucks. I need to dial the number at least 10 times to get it connected. This is the problem with texting also. I need to keep checking my outbox every now and then.

I need to resend the same msg at least 3-4 times. DAMN! Mobile shows full range but the moment I send a msg or dial someone, range goes down as if my stupid phone is taking revenge on me.

I'm fed of this shitty Vodafone network. I had to call my friend for something really serious and I was not able to reach her. I got so tensed. @#$%^&*... (Pls fill in as many bad words as you can.)

Happy Valentine's day BTW. I'm not celebrating it today for my Valentine(?) is kinda busy :| So, I will have it on Feb 15th. :D


Urvashi said...

Hey , ur Network is Vodafone...Same here..!! But it isnt so bad in M'bai :) :)

Happy valentines.. :)

krishnakumar said...

valentine is busy?enne kondu onnum parayippikanda

krishnakumar said...

Valentine is busy?enne kondu onnum parayippikanda

Aarti said...

ah dat happens ..sometimes my network also fails when i need to send a urgent msg :( but hey d bad network vl definitely be a help when you go on date tom ;):D hehehehehehe

Anoop said...

same pinch... Urvashi.. :D

Kittuu... kuninju nikku... :P

wat?? date??? with whom????? :O

Anoop said...

its really bad here in coimbatore.. at least in the place wher i stay.. :((
u too vodafone...?? ;)


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