Friday, February 12, 2010

i laughed a lot today.

So, I got shifted to some other project and today was my last day there :| You know what? Changing locations from one place to another sucks. BIG TIME! :((

Company will shift you according to their wish to wherever they want. They might even kick you out without any sympathy. But the problem arises when you are planning to shift yourself to some other company. Managers come up with some stupid-theories and untrustworthy-promises to make you stay in the same company but with no hike or any such thing. Okay. Blaming company standards or practices is not the intention of this post :D

Today, as a part of Valentine's day, people in our bay conducted 'Love letter Writing competition'. khe khe khe...I thought it was easy and I took a pen, though I do not have much experience in 'writing' love letters. Literally. ;)

I never thought I would run out of words to write a love letter. I have written some blogs about love. But when somebody ask you to write a love letter, I'm sure, everyone would struggle a bit. Anyway, everything went good and I had a very nice time in the office.


An Ordinary Gal said...

hmmmm nice Anoop, post it in the blog too. I would love to read :)

Aarti said... attempt to write a love letter made you laugh so much ?? Good ! :)

Urvashi said...

u couldnot find words for a love letter writing competition..??? n the attempt made u laugh....hmm...all this, really sounds strange...!!! :P :P

Anoop said...

i actually dint write it.. :) tat was a failed attempt.. :D

my attempt to write a love ltter dint make me laugh.. but the things happened in my offis made me laugh.. :D
sorry for not bein specific... :D

the above comment is the reply for Urvashi also.. :D :D:D


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