Thursday, February 4, 2010

genuinely insane self.

I was very much fond of playing cricket when I was young. I liked wicket-keeping though I was not a good keeper. To add strength to that statement, one day, the ball hit my nose. I was continuously sneezing for about half hour.

I got so tired sneezing and went home at last. I just stared into the mirror and was shocked by the irregularities. khe khe khe... I saw a bent-nose. OMG! It was not actually bent, but I pressed my nose to feel the bone and I felt a difference. I dint want my parents to find this out and desperately wanted to hide my bent-but-not-yet-bent-nose.

IDEA! I took a small hammer!

I wanted some place to support my nose so that I can pat on my nose and make it straight. I thought a lot and at last I laid my eyes on the teapoy. I went near it and placed my face on the teapoy so that my nose is the only part on it. I took the hammer. I swear, I would have been a fool then (even now I'm, to post it here and get embarrasses :D).

I shot two small pats on my nose and checked if it straightened. No! Okay. I held my breath and gave a strong-enough-to-break-my-nose-bone pat. OMG! I was startled to see the blood flowing thru my nose.

PS: Please dont try this at home. Khe khe khe... :D


Aarti said... would have pained you so much ...but i guess it did teach you not to starigthen everythng in life , and let remain as they are :)

Bdw , is your nose still bent ? ;) hehehehee

Meenakshi said...

so cricket gifted you a crooked nose and you gifted yourself a bloody nose.

atleast you din't end up with a big plaster on your nose.. seems like it was your lucky day.. hehehe


An Ordinary Gal said...

hee hee you are so much caring for yourself especially for ur nose :D

Urvashi said... cute Anoop....

I hope Its straight now....

then ur parents must hv found out about your bent-but-not-so-bent nose also naa..??? ;) ;)

Anoop said...

Meenakshi... Crooked nose???? :O no.. it was not bent.. n its is not bent now also.. hmmmm

Anoop said...

Arti... yea it did teach me that v cant straighten everytin usin a hammer.. khe khe khe...

Anoop said...

No.. they dint find it.. urvashi..
i dint tel them al these stupid things.. heheheh

Anoop said...

yes ofcos... i do care for my nose.. :D


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