Saturday, February 20, 2010

yet another finding.

I had once asked in one of my blog (and God knows which blog it is) why still there are lot of arranged-marriages* happening even when I see lot of lovers around.

I found the reason.

I will tell you a story! Once there lived a guy who loved a girl. He thought they loved each other a lot and cant exist in this world without being together. They informed their parents about this and that became a serious issue. And for some reason they broke-up. Years later, this guy happened to meet some other gal and fell in love with her. He loved her so much. But, he started to thinking of the embarrassment he will have to face if he tell this to his parents cuz they already knew about his first affair. And for that reason, he sacrificed his love!

This is not the case with everyone but I'm sure those who got over the first affair would definitely hesitate at the first hand to tell their parents about their second affair. And that can be, which i suppose, would be the reason for many arranged-marriages* in this hard-to-find-single world!

*doesn't mean Love & Arranged marriages.


Urvashi said...

May be..thts one of the reason...

one major reason can be that they dont wanna tell their parents abt it...first or second or nth affair doesnt matter...they r afraid to disclose about their love...n eventually go 4 arranged marriage*

this is what i think...!!

Hw do u find such things Anoop..??? u observe so much around..????

stefy said...

Such a loser

Anoop said...

See...if somebody knows they r afraid to handle the situation of bein 'caught', then y they dare to love each other????? :((

i go crazy at times... n i think such weird stufs... n yea i do observe a lot.. khe khe khe.. ;)

such a loser? who me??
u feel so mayb cuz u r one of them.. :P
thanks for droppin by... :P
expectin more of ur comments(?) jus like my stupd posts.. ;)


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