Wednesday, February 17, 2010

money is important.

I joined this company few months back. They gave me good offer compared to my previous pay. But my current company is not gonna give any hike for the next 2 years and that is for sure.

The technology I'm working on is rare. Only very few companies use it. Now, I got selected in another company where they offer me much more. I need to submit my resignation very soon. But I doubt if they would make this an issue. I suppose not but still I'm kinda skeptic about it.

My team here is power packed. Full of fun. When I said this to one of my friend, he asked me to stay back. But friends are just fun. Nothing more. I wanna invest into stocks and my friends are not gonna give me money. I wanna buy a BMW car at the age of 40 and again my friends are not gonna help me.

I love money more than my teammates :D

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An Ordinary Gal said...

hmmmm read letter of is especially for the people like u :D

It's good to be money minded but money is not everything...according to me

Anoop said...

money is not evrythin riya...i know.. :)

Dhanya said...

If you want a BMW car by the time ur 40 then go for it ;) Follow ur dreams! :) :)

Anoop said...

haha.. thanks dhanya..
at least one person in this world agree with me.. ;)

Harini said...

I disagree. Its just a necessary evil. Its not everything in life.

Anoop said...

u said it... necessary evil... :D


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