Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dec 12th & Jan 19th

I just wanted to make a note of the most important and precious days in my life so that it would last long... as long as this blog lives :)

Dec 12 - I hope if all days were this day... for I was happy the entire day. Very precious day in my life. The day I received most number of gifts. The day I felt so comfortable. I would celebrate this day just like my birthday.

Jan 19 - The day I lived my dream, my ambition. Never ever I would forget this day.


rimz said...

1st: belated happy budday buddy...:)
2nd: congo congo...:)

Urvashi said...

wow...wat ws so spcl on Jan 19?? :) :)

Anoop said...

very wrong.. :) it was not my bday.. :)

tats a secret :D

Anonymous said...

watever the secret , happy to see yo happy after so long ( i mean throuhg your posts ;))Congrats , wishing you to get many more such moments of happiness :)

Urvashi said...

ohh...frnds se secret????? :(

anyways....its good tht u r happy...wish u many many such secret moments of happiness Anoop... :) :)

Anoop said...

hmmm it made me happy a lot.. :)

thanks for the wish Urvashi :)


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