Sunday, January 24, 2010


And this post is about my niece, Ammu.

I don't know if this is the case with all kids but she is different. She is different in her own ways. She says 1,2,3,...up to 10 without any help, though she misses 4 and 7 every time. Remember she is just one and half year old.

The only thing which I hate about her is her behavior when she gets angry. I dont know how my sister is managing her. We were sitting there chatting with Dad n Mom. Ammu was sitting on the table and when she felt nobody was noticing her she started crying. It went on for 2 hours. She is so very small but when we hear she screaming, I bet, you would never say she is 'small'. She wants her Mom to get up and when she, my sister, does it Ammu wants her to sit. This is not just once. This goes on, say 50 times? 100 times? I dont understand where on earth she gets this much energy to cry continuously with the same intensity and volume for 2 hours.

I thanked God when she stopped crying. She was so tired and she slept. It dint last long. She woke up and started to crying again. Then I felt there was something wrong. I told my sister to give her some medicine for stomach pain cuz I have seen her screaming like that before. Luckily after 10-20 mins she stopped crying. I cursed me, my sister and Mom for blaming her when she cried. We felt sad that she couldnt express it in any other way. They cant even talk.

After a while, my sister was working on my laptop, Ammu again started crying for no reason. I dont know if she had any reason but she showed no symptoms of any body pain or anything like that. She again wanted her mom to get up and sit down. She wants her mom to take her on her hands and when she does that, she will scream to put her down. OMG! She was getting on our nerve. I dont know if all kids are like this. But not in my life I have seen such a kid. I'm not cursing her or blaming her.

But this post is just to show her, obviously when she becomes old enough to understand what a blog is, how she irritated us and we took care of her even when we were angry. I just want her to understand how tough it is to raise a kid. OMG!

I will think twice before I 'do' something to my wife. Khe khe khe... ;) I need to think about the hardships like this....

PS: Ammu...whatever you do, we still love you! :) mwaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... But we just get irritated at times. :D


Aarti said...

Well , childrens are like that ..they cry 'artificially' to grab attention from their mothers , coz they are very possessive ..They dont like their mom to give imporatnce to other things except them these tantrums..Well , telling dat out of exp , coz same is the case wid ma nephew :)

Anoop said...

Arti... hmmmmmmmmmmmm
OMG... i don hav words to explain how we feel then... :((

Meenakshi said...

hahaha..Kids are like this..happens.. wait for a few months..the fun part is just coming up..

P.S. was good.. lets see you remember this when you marry or not :)

Anoop said...

hehehe... meenakshi
i ll try to remember.. :D

Urvashi said...

OMg...the title n the post n my much in synchronisation... :) :)

children crying..yeah even i wonder how can such a small child wail so loudly n that tooo consistently... :P :P

Anoop said...

Haha...rite Urvashi..
n happy to c u here after long time.. ;)


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