Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a beggar of me.

Few days back, when I was going back to Coimbatore from Cochin, I met a girl. To be frank, I noticed her cuz she was looking beautiful (but tensed?). She asked me if the bus was going to Coimbatore. I nodded yes. After few minutes she came to me again and said if she can borrow 50 bucks.

I was like, WHAT?! Her looks were charming and English fluent. I never expected her to ask for money. That reminded me of a situation, a situation which you may face any time.

Once me and my friends planned to go watch Thrissur Pooram. Its a very famous Pooram (English word? God knows what :D) in Kerala. We first went to my friend's home. Kept our things there and started for the amazing event. I dint forget to take the camera to click some snaps of the most anticipated fireworks. There can be lakhs of people to watch this and we dont know what types of people would be there. I dint take my wallet for that reason. We boarded the bus.

I was stunned to see the crowd for it was an ocean. we took each others hands for not to lose any in the crowd. But the knot dint last long. We got separated. I dint know where I was or where to go. I had no money also. All I knew was, the bus-ticket fare from my friend's house to this place was Rs.4.50. I dint even know the name of the place. I roamed here and there for hours and at last I decided. To Beg! OMG!

You will never know how the situation can change you, no matter how you look. It can squeeze the hell outa you. I had no choice then. I had to beg. I dint know whom to ask money. All I needed was 5 rupees. I asked some old people to work out their sympathy but they just gave me a weird look. 'Who is this stupid, asking for 5 rupees with a Nikon camera in his hand?'

I then aimed for people of my age-group. They could understand me better, I thought. At last I had to explain the full situation for one guy to give me 5 rupees. I dont have words to explain how happy I felt. I ran to the nearest bus stand and got into a bus. I gave tat money to the conductor and told him 'I have to go to my friend's place and that place is Rs.4.5 away from here'. Everyone in the bus were staring at me.

PS: I gave her Rs.50 and I smiled. I could see a smile on her face, the same smile which went thru my lips 6 years back.

PPS: BTW, I still have the balance precious-50-paise coin in my wallet.

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An Ordinary Gal said...

Anoop u r a nice human being :D

it really gives an immense pleasure oin helping someone :)

Anoop said...

Thank U so much Riya :D
nice f u... :)

Anonymous said...

So you know how to beg ryt? :P lolz..It was nyc of u to help dat girl ...I hope u helped her coz u cud undstnd her situation n not coz of her looks ;) heehheehehheheh

Chocolate Lover said...

awww.. really sweet Anoop :)

Anoop said...

M gonna kick u for tat, arti.. :((
i gav her money not cuz f her looks... :((

Thank u sooooooo much, Chocolate lover... :D

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know , jus kidn :) You are good hearted person and I know you helped her selflessly :)

Anoop said...

Tats sooo nice of u....arti.. :)

Urvashi said...

this post was so much Dil se Anoop..

jus loved it..n so good that u still have that 50 ps coin..ppl mite say 50 ps has no value but 4 u it has a lot of importance n associations..


Anoop said...

Yes Urvashi...
lot f importance...n tat 50ps s very precious... hmmm...

thanks for likin it Urvashi.. :)

Pooja Menon said...

Well written.. And liked the fact that you've still kept the 50-paise coin.. And the thing that you've mentioned about the Pooram.. I've been warned by my Mom a 1000 times about the hazards of attending one.. :-P

Anoop said...

hahaha... hav u eva been thr durin tat time? at least once pooja??? :O


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