Sunday, January 17, 2010

survival of the fittest.

I dont know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna miss you like hell. Will I die crying? Hopefully not. If I dint do anything stupid, maybe I will live. But, u know, some incidents in life are worth dying. :)

I cant think of someone looking at you. Then, how will I survive someone touching you?

Photo Credit: Lisa Fanucchi / Image


AritrY said...

Oh! don't pain your heart so much. be strong :(

Urvashi said...

Whats this...?? If I didnt od anything stupid, maybe I will live..

this is just a post rite...?? dont even think such things stupid.....

All ur posts these days revolving around something like this only re....I know its easier to say Cheer up, but it must be dififcult 4 u... Just wanna say to u, u r the fittest n will survive thru everything...when we face some incident in our life it is because God knows we have the ability to face it..... :)

Anoop said...

tats ur very first comment in my blog.. :) thanks :)

Maybe tats jus a post... but don worry... if i do somethin stupid, definitely i will leave a note here in my blog.. :)


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