Thursday, January 14, 2010

i know you're helpless.

I know you cant talk against them. I will never hate you. I will never curse you. You are gonna marry someone so special, so special that no words can explain. He is gonna love you more than I do, or more than anyone in this world.

I know this blog post is definitely not gonna help reduce my sorrow. But at least people reading this post will pray for you. And may all good come to you. God wont listen if we are playing for ourselves but He wont ignore if somebody else is praying for us.

I Love You...and will never stop.

Photo Credit: Sue Byford / Image


Chocolate Lover said...

that's really sad T_T

Anoop said...


Anonymous said...

dats so sad :( I would really pray for you both ..and hope you are blessed with lots of happiness :)

Dhanya said...


Depressing post :| But will pray for her happiness... and yours too.


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