Wednesday, January 20, 2010

you are you and i'm me.

I cant imagine you even talking to some other guy.
And you want me to marry someone else.

I never thought you can imagine me with some other gal. I thought you were possessive. And now I can feel the slightest of differences between us.


Anonymous said...

hmm..few words , but reflecting deeper emotions..hope you dont get to see any more such differences

Urvashi said...

Everyone has their unique way of thinking..u r hope tht ur differences dont widen..!! TC :)

Deepika said...

??? for whom???

Pooja Menon said...

This happens. All relationships are tilted. Never can you find perfect harmony in life. :)

Anoop said...

thanks dreamygal

hmm thanks for droppin by urvashi.. :)

n thanks to u both too... pooja n deepika


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