Friday, January 8, 2010

they just vanish. gone. kaput.

Parents search for good alliances for their sons or daughters. To make the process easy, sons and daughters love someone and introduce them to their parents. So far so good.

Parents take this to the next level. They inform the news to their relatives. Phones start ringing. Some vessels break. They shout. They say the guy is not lookin good. He is having specs. She is not having long hair. She dont wake up early in the morning etc etc etc...

They make the slightest of problems very big. We are forced to agree what they say. Parents are happy, relatives are happy. They make us spends lakhs of rupees on the wedding day. They invite 100s of people. 30k worth photo albums, 10k worth DVDs blah blah blah... They are good at giving ultra superb ideas on how to be expensive but they dont care helping. At last parents spend minimum of 8-10 lakhs for the marriage.

After the marriage, guy and gal will spend 70% of the salary to repay the loan they borrowed from the bank. 70% of their time they spend fighting. They never care to see the DVD or the photo album worth 30k. They curse the day they got married. Parents see their 10lakhs rupees going in vain.

Now, where are these so-called-relatives? They just vanish. Gone. Kaput. They were in front to give comments, to talk against love marriage, to tell them how to show-off during marriage, to eat a lot.

What's the verdict? Promote love marriage. Khe khe khe... Marry someone you love, not the ones your parents or your love. Dont spend money for marriage. Do register-marriage :P Anyway, you are gonna blame that day. So why spending money for it? Dont expect anythin from your relatives.

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An Ordinary Gal said...

hee hee so u r going to do registered marriage....nice :P

Urvashi said...

u hv nice points 4 ur arguements hmm... :)

I also dont like spending so so much on weddings..I hope tht my partner n parents agree with me in the due course...

But I think I wont get ur marriage invitation or Party then??? :P :D

Pooja Menon said...

I've never agreed with you ssso much anytime in the past.. So so so very true! Even I've gone nuts explaining my mom as to why I prefer a Love Marriage but all she can do is find faults in my boyfriend complaining about what my distant cousins & aunts & uncles & God-knows-who would say about it.. :-( Good Work you're doing thr promoting Love Marriage.. :-D

Anoop said...

hhahaha...m not sure... :(
she s afraid f tat... :(

Anoop said...

i did some research b4 postin it... khe khe khe... i was arguin with dad n mom abt it...hmmmmmm but no use... :((

They neva agree for somethin like tat.i dono y... :( they jus think f others but not abt their kid's happines.. :(

Anonymous said...

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