Wednesday, July 15, 2009

aBoUt mE tHiNgY... :D

So....m into the world of bloggin too...

m aNoOp n m from cochin. i got tonnes to write abt myself but, u kno, i don hav much time for that. khe khe khe... time is 11.52 PM. I'm not in a mood to write much cuz i already fot' with ma best frnd.
i do fight with her most of the time. n this must be the 3rd time in 2 days m figthin with her. She switched off her mob...n i y shud i keep callin..?? i wont...

oopss...did i deviate from the topic?? about ME?? hahaha...
m sometimes funny, sometimes serious, sometimes sensitive...very sensitive to be frank :|
i forgive soon n i think tatz one f the best qualities in me, (:D) though i got all those EGO n POSSESSIVENESS as all other human being does.

i wont say m good cuz i know i'm not!

there are people who think that 'those people' are good who don hide anythin even if they did somethin wrong...n havin said tat, you, by now, would hav understood tat i fall in tat category. khe khe khe...
but sometimes i hav felt m be frank!

i think u mite hav got a lil idea abt me.tatz good! i gotta go...12.04 AM. my goodness!
i got offis 2moro... :((
n yea i need to repair my mobile. Shucks!

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