Friday, July 31, 2009

mY wOrK @ oFfIs... ;)

m in the offis...i could see everyone workin aroud me.
Am i the only one sittin idle? everyone is buzy preparing some excel sheets, word documents, powerpoint presentation... Hmmm...
official life is full of presentations, documents, meetings... people actually don get time to work. in fact, nobody has got any work :P

i wanna show others tat m workin :| so i took this notepad n started writin.
My frnd asked me to write somethin useful n depends on who reads it n his interest on the topic. Topic which seems interestin mite not b useful.
n topic which would really be useful mite not b interesting. ;)

i got a fwd email now. about some fun in maths using some mobile number thingy. the (interesting?!?) puzzle which i received was not a question kinda..
i thot i ll post it...

1. take the first 6 digits of ur mobile number
2. multiply it by 80
3. add 1 to it
4. multiply by 250
5. add the rest 4 digits of ur number twice (ie. lets say 'Y' is the last 4 digits, add '2Y' to the result after step 4)
6. subtract 250
7. divide the number by 2
HURRAY! its your mobile number!!

i was so ecited about the calculations used. What on earth is the relation between numbers 250, 80 with our mobile number?
But i tried it with an example, not my mobile number though. :D

Lets say the number is X.
2. 80X
3. 80X + 1
4. (80X + 1) 250
5. (80X + 1) 250 + 2Y (assuming Y is the next 4 digit number
6. (20000X + 250 + 2Y - 250
--> in step 6 we are nullifyin the effect of step 4
7. Divided by 2 -> 10000X + Y

obviously gives the number which we had at the beginin. Ultimately, this is jus like

you have a number, add 2 to it, multiply by 4 is same as you multiply your original number by 4 and addin 8 to it.

So this can be the other way round :P
Take all 10 digits of your mobile number
Add 1 to it
Subtract 1 from it.
Hurray!! there's your mobile number again! khe khe khe...

BTW, this is Associative law in Algebra... :P
you can do a lot f calculatios f ur own to form different puzzles (if u can call this 'a puzzle')...

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