Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mY DiArY...

Hmmmm...i really got tonnes to write when it comes to my diary... :)
but one of my frnds asked me to cut my posts short :((

i started writin diary when i was in 9th standard (12 diaries till date - only 10 in the pic; i took tat pic 2yrs back :P) i used to write in a binded-notebook then, which my mom gave.. i write the date on top of every page n i used to write essays... hehehe...

i got inspired from my elder sister. But she used to write only on some days...not everyday. There are many ppl who writes diary. i like every1 of them. its an art.. what to write, when to write and how to write...

The very first time when i wrote my diary, i used to write abt everythin...like i brushed my teeth at this time, i took bath, i went to school, i saw this gal, i talked to that gal...my goodness... SOOO VERY CHILDISH!

after a few days of writin, my dad bought me a diary n i stared writin in that. It was fun at the beginin...but over the course of time i wanted to hide it somewhere cuz i used to write all my secrets too...which would create an earthquake if known outside... hehehe.. not that military secrets, but u can think what a 9th std boy's secrets could be... ;) the very safe place i thought was under my bed until i found my mom cleanin the sheets... my heartbeat rate doubled. :|
then i found a lo many places to hide my diary that no one could ever think of... ;)
i used to sign under every page then. i can stil remember all the signs i put since 9th std. Yes, obviously i stopped signin on the page now.

When every year passes, i used to hav a look at my old diary. its nice... very nice. Ann Frank used to come to my mind nowadays. Yes, some day in future, 100 years from now, Kids mite be learnin my diary as their text book... khe khe khe... Their question papers will have questions from my diary, What happened on August 10? etc etc... hehe yea its my bday ;)
Who knows? There are chances for that too.

i can tell you, there is no one in this world who don love lookin at themselves in the mirror. your Diary is the mirror f ur life. You can always enjoy readin it. when i take my old diaries n hav a look at them, its my life, the way i used to take things, the way i used to face problems....n the way i used to handle it...

i used to write essays, i used to write abt everythin happened on tat day... then it changed to a few lines, most important things happened on tat day. Our language improves. its your choice in what language they wanna write.
i know one of my frnd used to write in code-words... the biggest problem then is u gotta keep tat in mind. He still has tat diary- jus a book with some craps. he himself cant read it. :|
So be careful. Don use code words. it will jus spoil a chance to smile in future. Many people say writin diary is not a good thing but i tell you, it is really good unles until any1 finds it. :|
You gotta be prepared. Say, once you get married, will u show ur diary to ur spouse????? NEVA... i wont. She will kick me out. ;)

There are some tips to remember when you choose a (personal)diary to write :D

1. Size of your diary (Not too big, not too small)
2. Pages of your diary
....a. Not too smooth - Some pens don write properly on smooth pages
....b. Color - Snow-white is hardly reccomened.
....c. Dedicated page for each day (some diaries merge pages of Saturday n Sunday)
....d. Dedicated monthly planner - to keep track of birthdays f frnds
3. Be Careful
....a. About what you write - DO NOT WRITE EVERYTHIN!*
....b. about how you write
....c. Don use code words
4. Dedicated PEN! :)
5. Place to HIDE!
6. Name your diary (if you want)

*It can create problems in future, trust me. So i again tell you, DO NOT WRITE EVERYTHIN!

You will surely get more points-to-remember once u start writin... this is jus an overview... All it takes is experience.
what i'm plannin is to safe-guard my diaries in a bank-locker! tat isnt a bad idea. You can give a try.
i write diary everyday. it is not necessary. its your choice. i cant stop it now cuz it has become one f my dialy routine. Past 10 years... hmmm...
So guys, You too start writin diary... But b4 tat find a place to hide it. Or you will struggle.. :P

You can always hav a close look at your good old days... The fun u had...


angel from heaven said...

Diary you best friend , someone who can share your secrets without judgement!!.

frozenwell said...

i love your blog dear friend...i like the heeeheeS in every nook and cranny on the page..and this is a really light(no shitty political talks,no complicated arts et cetera and no life changing facts whatver...)..i am impelled to add my own set of heheheS here..
I am 19 and still i havent written more than a page on my diary..you inspire me..of course i dont write daily diary but i do write stories and poems..according to ur expertise is this enough champ?
great!!i like the way you talk about anne frank..but would you mind school children reading your secrets,which once you desperately tried to hide from the world?


Urvashi said...

Hiee...so u r writing diaries 4m 10 yrs..thts cool..!!!I started writng wen i ws in 9th std bt for the fear that some one mite read it..I stopped mid way, tore those pages n nvr started again..!!! :P

I think I wud start writng it 4m this yr...bt I dont know bcos as u said u must nt write everythin... then I wonder wat shd i write tht is safe to b read by others(in case I m caught ;) )....!!!

But ws nice to read abt the tips u gv..will let u knw if i start writng 4m nxt year..byee..tc :)


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