Friday, July 24, 2009

PiEcE oF pApEr tOoK aWay tHe pEaCe....

How do you think ‘a piece of paper’ can affect your life?

It can take your life sky-high… and at the same time it can ruin your life like hell.

If my so-called ‘paper’ is to be believed, I would die at the age of 28. I’m sure there should be some trick behind it. It says, I would come across a very severe accident at the age of 28 and if I’m lucky enough to survive that, I would live for long - till 79yrs.

It again says I would again come across this accident thingy at the age of 34 OR 38 OR 56 OR… WTF IS THIS?

If the guy who writes this fucking shit knows what’s gonna happen. why doesn’t he just write the exact age or whatever? He himself doesn’t know the fucking whatz gonna happen, then how will he write it? If this ‘paper’ is supposed to be more of ‘OR’ conditions, then I can write it too.

‘The person who read this would get married and would give birth to one OR two OR three kids. (See, i won’t specify the freakin gender,so it can b true in one way or the other). 1st of all, we would not understand what is written cuz it not in English or Hindi or Malayalam or Tamil… its Sanskrit! Next, the handwriting would be utter worse. The only thing that can be read would be about Marriage, Employment and about death. Is this what life is really all about?

It’s all CRAP. I don’t believe there are people who believe this. What if the person is not getting married (in the above situation)? So what is written went wrong. So there are chances for ‘what-the-fucking-paper’ says to go wrong.

It is OUR life.

Horoscope sux big time…of your life. Its killing me…

I don believe this shit, but the gal I loved does. It’s written that the person she marries would die in a year. WoW! I dint know she was a dead-believer of this horoscope! Hehehe… that piece-of-paper took all the peace I eva had…

Lesson learned:

Every time God teaches us a lesson, no matter what.

The only thing I would ask the person I (would) love (if any, by chance) would be this. Do you believe what it’s written on the ‘piece-of-paper’? :D

There are 6,706,993,152 human beings in this world and only 1,147,995,904 in India... y only Indians believe this???? wat happened to othesrs??? are they not livin happily...?

Khe khe khe…

But I tell u, hOrOsCoPe is LAME!


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