Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good is really BAD...

havin best frnds is a gr8 feelin...
its always gr8 to love n be loved.. but hav u eva thot lil deep inside??

i had a best frnd lonnnngggggg backkk... say 6 years ago... its a bigg story.. i ll say it in short :P
this happened when i was studyin in +2
one of my frnd came to my home n we were talkin. suddenly i noticed somethin written in his was an email id. i asked him whose mail id it was? he said nothin..
i asked him again n again. its was his classmate's. i noticed it cuz it was a girl's email id. ;)
not tat m bad in any ways. i said i wud mail 'her', he challenged me. hmmmmmmmmmmm...
i really did mail her. i dint expect any reply. but on April 1st, i got an email from her wishin me happy b'day!
i was kinda happy for her havin replied to my email.
i jus said sorry if i disturbed her in any way. i really dint mean to hurt her. from then we started mailin... it was like an online frnd. i neva saw her. n time passed by.... we bcame best frnds...

we used to talk... talk n talk... i used to help her n she did too... it was like..u know...
i was soo happy for her..cuz she was soo nice...
we dint hav any contacts for personal reasons for a long time... really long time. n by tat time, her life changed a lot... she loved a guy n it bcame a very big issue at home...

but she neva told me then. i felt happy for her when i came to know abt the story.
they were plannin to get married! i was happy in one side but sooo sad at the other for missin her. She was not mine anymo... i knew this long back! but we neva had patience to understan n take actions. we jus needed frndship but we neva wanted to be best jus happened.
i dint wanna miss her frndship.
Feb 14, she got married n she did call me. i felt so sad. i was not able to talk to her. i bursted into tears... i havent cried when my sister was leavin after marriage. i was kinda happy then...hehehe...
but this one...i cant even think how i cried tat day... she told me she wud call me n we ll b good frnds... even after marriage.

tat was pretty nice to hear then.i thot she wud neva leave me. n i dreamt f a healthy frndship with her...but tat was not the case. She changed a lot. she neva called me since then.
i tried to contact her. she changed her mobile number. i tried to contact her thru my other frnds.. she always changed her number when any f her frnds contacted her.
we lost contact just like tat.

They are very good at dialogs! i wont say not to believe any1...there are gals who keep in touch with their old frnds after marriage, but not all.
They jus need their husband n their kids. they don even hav time for their parents sometimes.
b4 marriage they used to say all the dialogs tat we ll b frnds, we ll be that, we ll be this..etc etc etc... its all crap!

But guys keep thinkin f his frnd...n waste time...idiots..

here are some proposed solutios for the problem... ;)

NEVA EVA HAVE A BEST FRND - tat is one option to choose.

NEVA EVA HAVE A BEST FRND - tat is another option...khe khe different from the above, but in this case, you shud be prepared. always keep distance. always accept the fact tat you gonna miss her one day.

HAVE MANY BEST FRNDS - tats the recommended choice! i wud suggest tat, but there lies another problem. Say if one f ur best frnd is soooooo possessive tat she wont let u hav other best frnds, then again there is a u gotta manage tat.

MARRY YOUR BEST FRND - tats another good choice if both f u are ok... khe khe khe..tats the most important part. some of them wont agree with tat, so be careful! ;) there can be religion caste problem n all... but its upto u guys. This doesn mean tat u gotta choose a frnd f the same caste religion n all... this is jus an option if u wanna be frnds life long. I have read in paper once Hrithik Roshan said he n his wife were best frnds b4 marriage n those who get to marry their best frnds, their life is heaven! i dono... if u got any doubts, ask Hrithik! :P

MARRY YOUR LOVE - this is nothin but love. So you are not best frnds here but lovers. This is no way related to love! so those who fall in tat category, pls get lost....khe khe khe... its upto u.

MARRY OTHER BEST FRNDS - This is the funny part. Say Boy1 n Girl1 r best frnds n they don wanna get their frndship broken n they don wanna mary each other too... in tat case, u got an option. find another set of best frnds, Say Boy2 and Girl2 who r best frnds too n they don wanna get their frndship broken. So Boy1 can marry Girl2 and Boy2 can marry Girl1. Nice Swap na????
Plss...don kill me... this was jus an idea... i dono if any1 can implement it...

hope this mite help... hehehe...

So guys n gals!
Think b4 u take a decision. its a matter of life... a life time.... u can live life only once :(

Good is only good for the time being...its gonna hurt u like hell in the end...
somethin which hurts is bad... n so is 'Good'...

Good is BAD in real!


Aarti said...

hmmmmmm...very good one ...thanx for providing the solutions too ;)

I liked the last line very much :Good is good only for time being..its gonna hurt u like hell in the end..
something which hurts is bad ..n so is 'good'

Good is BAD in true ! I love this thought :)

Anoop said...

aarti... i appreciate ur patience to read this lengthy post... i was jus a beginner...n i used to write essays... :(

but not nowadays ... :D

n thanks... many many of them.. ;)

Red Handed said...

Ummm...going through sumthing similar...nd i hope your solutions come handy


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