Friday, July 17, 2009

aN eXpEnSiVe pApErWeIgHt...

2007 February

the moment i laid my eyes on it, i wanted to buy it. New Nokia N73 Music Edition.
WoW! it was like, you know, my dream mobile phone. it was around 22k inlcudin VAT :(
2009 July (15th - to be exact)

it took so long to view the msg i received from one of my frnd. Damn fone!
Truly, my fone cant b blamed, for havin around 2000 msgs n 1.5GB of data. i jus use my fone to attend calls (n cut them ofcos), msg frnds n rarely i hear songs... i havent even explored wat was there inside some folders, u see.

i hav been usin it for the past 2.5 yrs n i clearly knew my fone software version is outa date by then. i read in some forum, performance would increase if i update the software!
Okay! so i identifed the problem now. i dint waste my time. i connected my mobile to my laptop n downloaded al the necessary softwares n started to updating!

i saw some warnin..which said not to stop the update process in betweeen n the fone shud hav enuf battery charge, i shud not lock my device, profile shud be 'General' etc etc etc....
i did all the pre-requisites n started the process... hehehe...i waited for almost 2 hours. i had to download the update software n then install it.
almost 80% of the update was done when i noticed a pop-up which said i gotta restart my laptop! SHUCKS! i never expected tat.
i had to restart my system!
n from then my phone is dead. i dint get tensed then. i started searchin for other mob fones (Nokia E71 - my next crush :D) n their prices.
i google'd for my next step to get my fone repaired. n at last i realized...

i spent 22k, 2 years back to get a pApErWeIgHt... vey much expensive paperweight!

PS: i now realize the value.
i lost all my msgs. i used to save those 'precious' msgs n some very important drafts. i lost everythin... all my contacts, all my pics, everythin...

at least u gotta check if the profile is 'General', cuz i feel tat shud be the problem....for not havin changed the profile from 'Chaobrate' to 'General' :((

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