Saturday, July 18, 2009



it is why ppl r still alive... desire to live!

my frnds r talkin... they r disturbin me...! m not able to think... i really dono wat to write.
i m stil in this blog thinkin i can think f somethin.. :D
desire to write!

My frnd was askin me abt Nifty Call n Put. Options Trading.
what the hell is tat?
i dono...i jus know tat 'Call' value goes up when nifty graph is goin up.
'Put' value goes up when the nifty graph is goin down.
Pure gambling....

still people r optin tradin cuz f the desire to make money... Desire - drivin force f life....
i always wanted to make money, i wanted to live a luxury life. yes, even now.

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