Wednesday, July 22, 2009


i always run outa topics...
i was thinkin abt my next post. BTW i fought with my frnd...n luckily i got a topic.


In simple words it can mean 'limit'.
How eccentric people can go when they cross their threshold? Sometimes they can go funny, sometimes they can go so tensed(like me :D), sometimes we wont even understand wats happenin..

i fought with my frnd for some reason and i was so tensed. But now i understan wat actually my problem was and who did the mistake.

There are two kindsa people in this world. One set of people who can control their emotions in front of others and the other set who cant, who got no control over their emotions! i fall in the latter category.
Why people get tensed?
It can be of many reasons. It totally depends on his/her personality and the situation n circumstances they come across.
Reasons could be:
1. Work load
2. Financial Crisis
3. Fights with friends
.....a. Not giving missed calls
.....b. Talkin to other frnds for a long time on phone
.....c. Calling other frnds their nick names
.....d. Not replyin properly for the msgs we sent
.....e. Not keepin me posted on the updates (of what? :O)
4. Feeling hungry
5. Family problems
6. Wife chatting with her Male-colleagues
7. and many more...

i suffer from all the problems listed above except the 6th one cuz m not married. :P
So lets take one-by-one.
Workload: tats office work. You got lotsa work cuz u dint finish ur work on time. You r a lazy fool. :P After all its jus office work. Leave it in the office itself. it is not advisable to take it whereva u go.

Financial Crisis: is a serious problem. What i wud suggest you is to take a personal loan and elope! i say this cuz i gave a thot abt it :D i always run outa money. Bank balance will be in 2 or 3 digits by month-end :((

Fights with Friends: this is the most serious one. i can really go mad if any one of the things (mentioned above) happens. Why shud we go mad?

(From now, when I say 'I', it means YOU PEOPLE; when i say 'he/she/him/her', it means YOUR FRNDS)

These problems can be cuz i expect a lot from my frnd which i kno she cant give. My expectations (sometimes possessiveness) can disturb her. (I ll neva be possessive of a male-frnd of mine :P) I remember, once my frnd said, Possessiveness can be a burden and its 100% true.
Most ov'em (not all for sure) think possessiveness is a nice thing. Yes, it is really nice at the very early stages of a whateva relationship. But it can hurt. It can both begin n end a relationship. But one of them should think what the other guy/gal is thinkin. Why is he/she fightin for such a silly reason (not givin mis cal could be one)? the word is 'Possessiveness'.

It is a situation where we love and hate the person to the core at the same time!
This mostly ends in fight but if you try to understand the situation, you can come outa the problems. See, im fightin cuz i dint like wat she did. There are people who can leave it easily and don even care abt it but not everyone. the anger which i show towards her is the love and affection i hav for her but showin it in a different way. i cant help bein like this, though.

People generally have a tendency to find the negative points outa situation when they are tensed. i say it cuz i do it. Try to avoid it. Dont dig the past and find what they did 2 weeks back or somethin like tat. This would again add fuel to the fire!

People can hurt u to the core when they are tensed/angry using words/actions. But understand tat they say so jus cuz they r tensed. We knew them since very long. Dont judge them by the way they behave or by what they say when they are tensed. That mite last only for a minute/hour/day/week/or-any-time-frame-u-can-think-of. they will do regret for what they said, for sure, but GOD will take care of it.

Respect their privacy. Give them their personal space. Avoid using foul language (F_CK, B_TCH etc). No girls like it. Serioulsy, everyone can be very nice until you prick them in the wound :P. So be careful! Be ready to accept the facts! Sometimes they can leave u jus like tat, as simple as tat.

Dont be an Emotional Balckmailer. That could be the cheapest thing you could do in your life, takin advantage of their love for u.

Feeling wat?? Hungry?? Is tat a problem?? Strange!

Family Problems: If you have any family problems, take care of it by urself. i'm not here to take care of ur problems. i don even have time to take care of mine. :P

Wife Chattin with her Male-colleague: This can be a very nic situation if you are chattin with somebody's wife...khe khe khe...But if YOUR wife is chattin with some1, kick her A_SE! ;)

These are my experience (ofcos not the wife-chattin thing). i dono if you guys have come across situations like this b4 but i hope u did for u r human beings too...

Sorry if bored you. I MEANT IT! :P:P

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