Sunday, November 15, 2009

aNd tHeY aRe caLLed - iDLi...

i'm fed up of having idli. i kinda hate seeing that stupid round thingy around. i'm sick n i know i m not supposed to hav any oily food. But y keep reminding me tat m sick askin me to hav idli. Ayyyooooo...are there not any other food item non-oily other than idli?

My stomach is craving for somthin which is, for sure, not idli!


An Ordinary Gal said...

hmmm ur post remind me of my friend who is in Chennai and same as u he also hates Idli n Dosa :D

Cook is Yummy :)


Anoop said...

maggi noodles??? hmmm... whr ll i get it?i dono to cook... :|


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