Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i bEt yOu wOnT 4gEt tHaT dAy...

i did the maximum I can. i dont know what he actually wants from me. i dont know why is he doing this to me? Is it cuz i shouted at him? But i was right. He was getting on my nerve. i tried to be calm. I'm not his servant or this company's.
You can release me only if so-called-clients release me? Who are these clients? My Father? My Mother? Fuck You!

Committing to this fucking project doesnt mean that i shud work in this for the rest of my life. i have my own life to live on. its MY life. i'll decide whether to work or not. What if clients dint release me? I'll have to work here? HERE? FUCK! They just need to stupid resource to get their work done! They dont need ANOOP! They jus need a resource!

i'm done. i jus wanna get the hell outa here. U dont give a salary hike or a designation hike but you want me to fuckin work? FUCK YOU!

You are on the verge of ruining my life! I'm just waiting for my relieving letter and you wont forget that day!


Anonymous said...

Seem to have a tough time at office huh ?

Anoop said...

very tough time.. riya.. :((

Karthik said...

Who are you actually cursing? PL or the clients or the company?
Calm down dude. :-)

Anoop said...

Clients, company...

i hate them.. :D


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