Friday, November 6, 2009

piECe oF pApEr sCrUtiNy...

i resigned from my current company! Still the date is not confirmed. i'm not done struggling. Not yet!

i wanted to get relieved from my company ASAP. i talked to my managers and they simply said it is NOT possible. i was out of my mind those days. At last, they informed my last working day would be Dec 07 2009! My parents were worried too for the tension i was suffering. I dint wanna tell my parents a specific date as such cuz Dec 07 2009 was a tentative one.

My parents do believe in God and so they do believe in Horoscope / Star also. They took my horoscope to an astrologer. They might have said something. One day at night, Dad called me and told this to me. He said till Dec 7th i'm having a very bad time. i was like - WHAT?!' i told dad tat dec 7th will be my last working day.

i dono how to express my surprise in words. i dono if the piece of paper can be believed or not, but i was stunned. I'm not here to say that i became a strong believer of horoscope n i want you people also to believe it. I'm writing this post cuz i'm frightened. Whateva happened or whateva tats gonna happen (at least till Dec 7th) in my life is 80% accurate as written in tat paper.

The reason i'm panicking is, it is again written in my horoscope that i would (most likely) die at the age of 28 n if i survive that, i would live 79 years! I'm 25 now n i don mind dying at 28 rather than living till 79. khe khe khe... :P

PS: That wasnt funny. I started takin it seriously n i dono..if i need to believe it or not! :O

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Anonymous said...

So that means we got 54 more years to face you ;)hehehehheheeh...dont worry , nothing bad happens to good people :)

Dhanya said...

Horoscopes/predictions have a funny way of holding true at times... scary! I am all the more confused about this now, that you've mentioned it in your post :)

Anoop said...

Thanks Aarti.. hope nothin bad happens..

yea i too believe in 'Only good things happen to good people' :D

Dont get confused. i m gonna die at the age f 28...if my horoscope is to be believed... :((

Anoop said...

Dhanya u r a mallu, rite? u mite b knowin the importance of kerala.. :((

Karthik said...

Oye that's unnecessary worrying.
Take it easy. All the best! :-)

Anoop said...

i know its unnecessary karthik... ;)
i dont believe in horoscopes... :D


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