Monday, November 23, 2009

nEw cUbicLe iS nOwHeRe nEaR gOoD...

I came to office late today. As usual. I had to attend a meeting online. I rushed towards my seat. I kept my bag aside and logged in. I was surprised for the login ID wasnt mine. i was like WHAt?!

"Hey, dont you know? Your place got shifted to there" my friend said pointing to a computer which was open to anyone who goes to the rest-room.

Even i had no idea of shifting the place and no one told me also about this. I was already late for the meeting. I spent 5 minutes to get my things shifted to the new place.

New place sucks! This is not at all good. All my friends are with their friends and I'm the only one to stay with a stranger. And the funny thing is I'm sitting next to an IT Admin guy. So that would mean that i CAN NOT take orkut illegally. That was my only time pass and ofcoz blogging. Even I'm not supposed to open Mozilla. The greatest concern is anyone can see my PC.

To make the things worse, employees from the other facility also shifted to here. And now when i go to the cafeteria, i feel it no different from a local railway station. People everywhere :(

i miss my old place.


Aarti said...

oh dats so sad :( hope u get shifted to ur old place soon :) n hey hw cme u alone hv been given a new place ? must hv been to sme mischief ;)

Anoop said...

mischief??? wat it means??? ;)



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