Tuesday, November 17, 2009

aNd i jUsT hUnG mY hEaRt...

i was so eager to plan about buying a car with my own money. i wanted to buy a Honda Jazz. And few days back i happened to see Volkswagen Ad in Times of India newspaper and i changed al my plans. i thought i will go for Volkswagen Beetle. i liked it so very much.

It is small, really small and the Ad said it's people's car. Wow! Perfect! i was so happy until i heard the price. You wouldnt believe just like i did. I can buy a Honda-Civic if i have that much :|

Its 15 Lakhs! (Please dont blame me if its not true)

Photo Credit: B S K / Image


Urvashi said...

wow...wat a pic..where do u find them re???

Volkswagen beetle....wowww...!!!!! :)

Anoop said...

Thanks Urvashi...

and the pics... i take it from sxc.hu


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