Monday, November 2, 2009

i'M nOt aShAmEd tO sAy tHiS...

i was on my way back to Chennai from Cochin. i had to come by flight cuz my flight was official and i showed no mercy towards my company. i wanted to go by flight and i gave them no choice. khe khe khe... ;)

i was stunned by the astonishing view from the plane. i almost saw the whole of Cochin, i must say. this was the first time i was on a flight on a day-time. i was always looking thru the window n i started waving my hands lookin thru the window. The girl who was sitting beside me was surprised. She asked me y was i waving my hands. i dint reply. i jus smiled.

i still remember, when i was a kid, i used to hide under my cot when i hear the sound of an air-craft. i felt it is somethin so dangerous n i neva used to come out. One day my mom asked me not to be frightened of the heavy sound and she took me to the play-ground nearby. She looked up at the sky and showed me the small plane among the clouds.

She told me the plane is making such noise to make you wave him good-bye. There are people on the plane and they are waving at us. Then she asked me to wave at the plane whenever i saw one for someone inside the plane is always waiting for my 'bye's. It made me so happy n from then i became courage, courage enough to wave good-bye :P

I'm 25 years old. i'm not ashamed to say that i still wave my hands when i see aeroplanes or if i'm inside the aircraft. i always did and i always will.


Karthik said...

Dude this is one of the cutest posts i've read so far. :-)
By the way, I too wave at it sometimes. He he he heee.. :D

Anoop said...

thank you karthik... :)

Urvashi said...

Really cute....

Be urself..!!! :)

Anoop said...

thanks Urvashi :)


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