Thursday, November 12, 2009

hEaRt iS iNsiDe mY sToMaCh...

i have been sick very few times. Frankly, i don remember the days when i was sick, lying on bed, taking medication n stuffs like that. But now...hmmm...

i feel, i'm walking carrying a 50KG weight on my neck, unfortunately thats my head n i cant drop it. However i would consider rewarding the person who can cut my head off my neck. I feel something is being pumped directly to my head and i can feel the 'push'. I cant turn my head cuz i feel i will fall cuz of the weight.

Heart is inside my stomach. i can feel the heartbeat when i rub my hands over my tummy (especially belly-button). i think it will burst, though it wont show any signs of a 'high-pressure-balloon'. I can hardly type cuz its too cold in here. Every companies swtich off the AC for cost-cutting but my company does the opposite. FUCK THIS AC! :\

I got lots of work for 2moro n i dont think i can come to offis. But i gotta try. Do you have a cork? Please...i wanna cork my fuckin (read 'running') nose.

That's it! I'm fucked! Please pray for me! :)


Dhanya said...


Get well soon buddy :|

Anoop said...

Thanks Dhanya.. :)

An Ordinary Gal said...

Take care of urself n where is ur Khe Khe...m missing that too

Cheers Buddy :)

Anonymous said...

:( Get well soon mamu :)(jus to make u smile :))

Anoop said...

not in a mood to 'khe khe khe' :((

Arti... much :)

Karthik said...

Take care, man. Hope you get well soon.

Anoop said...

thanks Karthik

Urvashi said...

hv u got weell..??

if not get well soon..!!

cork 4 ur runnin nose..even wen u r ill..u can have so much variations i nwirting..!!

TC Anoop.. :)

Anoop said... many thanks Urvashi.. :)
n yea i got well... now m perfectly alrite.. :D


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