Thursday, November 5, 2009

iT rAiNs wHeN i dOnT tAkE mY uMbReLLa...

It was kinda-heavily raining in some parts of Chennai for the past two days. Unfortunately, i stay in one of those 'some parts'.

Luck plays, as it always does, a very strange game with me. everyday morning before i start to offis, i take my umbrella assuming it would definitely rain. But it always doesn't rain when i take my umbrella.

Yesterday i dint take my umbrella for the climate was pleasant. At night, i was on the way back home from offis and i was carryin my offer-letter also. Suddenly it started raining and i panicked cuz i dint wanna see my offer-letter drenched. i got inside a shop. i somehow wanted to escape the rain. my two hands were engaged too. i started searchin for 'tools' which would help me n luckily i remembered my hanky. i sighed with relief. i took my hanky out and with great relief carefully covered my mobile and started walking in the rain. khe khe khe... :D

i dint care about my offer letter or anything for that matter. i always used to wonder why people are like this. i always valued wat i had in my hand or pocket or in my bag than myself. i dint care of 'me' gettin drenched but my mobile. This is not the first time. Even i hav noticed myself pulling up my sleeves when i go to a hotel to hav food. i dont bother my hands getting dirt than my shirt. Are all people like this or just me? i still wonder...


Urvashi said...

Ditto ..dittoo..!!! :)

Anoop said...

this happens to u tooooo huh??? :P


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