Friday, November 27, 2009

paradox, that is.

You love me but you cant marry me. You love me but you cant come with me. You love me but you cant live with me. You love me but you cant guarantee that we will remain friends lifelong.

And you say you wanna see me happy all day everyday?

Photo Credit: Rick Sampson / Image


Urvashi said...

Love is really a paradox...!!

Anoop said...

Very much... Urvashi... :(

Anonymous said...

so true cant leave d one whom you love but you cant help loving the one who leaves you ....d shortest post i have come across about love and pain , but its tels lot without telling :) hope your loved one comes back to you :)

Anoop said...

Thanks Arti.. :)

Karthik said...

Love is always a mystery, isn't it?
And I wonder how and where you find such amazing photos for your posts! They are mind-blowing always! :-)

Anoop said...

Love is a mystery... karthik...
when v want it v wont get it... :((

n the fotos... i take it from :D

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

It will take a lifetime to understand what love is and by that time life is no where in your hand.

Not sure, but dont deal love in materialistic terms and who do it, are not really in love.

This is in reference to that person who has put so many conditions after saying he/she loves you.


Anoop said...

Thanks for ur comments mahesh... :)


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