Saturday, October 31, 2009

tHe dEviL iN mE...

few years back...

girl: i dont like you talkin to her
me: i know you are possessive about me but i cant do wat u say...
girl: you neva gave value for my words, for wat i say
me: see, i cant stop friendship with her just cuz i love u. she is my best frnd. i just cant stop frndship with her. she is all i have.
girl: oh..she is ALL you have? Oh my!
me: i dint mean it literally...Look, i met her b4 i met you n i cant stop anythin for you. my last word. No more talks on this.
girl: bye...

PS: Now i understand what made her say like tat, wat was she goin thru. I understood only when i came across a similar situation like this. But this time i was arguing with her askin not to talk to her frnd. i always think about me. Only ME! i feel sorry now.

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