Thursday, October 1, 2009

yAy yAy... ^_^

i'm so happy today! cuz Oct 1st s a very special day. i got a better offer from a good company and luckily its near to my native place (when compared to Chennai).

another reason is, this is my 50th post in my 2nd blog. :D

i jus wanted to share my happiness with u guys too... :D n i need ur prayers. You know what? God hears only when u pray for some1 else. Seriously! Hope u wouldnt mind considerin my request :D


Riya Rocks said...

lol i will definately prey for u :D :P
n yeah Congrats on ur 50th Post n for offer too :)

Anoop said...

Thanks Riya :D

Sunakshi said...


and congo as well :)

Anoop said...

Thanks sunakshi


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