Thursday, October 22, 2009

i'M hApPy...

[Pre-Script: inspired by a true story! khe khe khe...BTW, You may come across some Malayalam words. But don worry i hav given their translations also, in 'brackets']

I had a friend, Ritesh, who used to stay with his uncle then. His uncle was a drunkard. There was no time we could see him on two-legs. khe khe khe...

On a weekend, we wanted to call Ritesh at night and dialed his number. Unfortunately he was not available but his uncle answered the phone. for obvious reason, he was 'drunk'!
'HAALLLOOO' Uncle shouted!
'Hello, Can i talk to Ritesh' my friend said, havin no choice
'Aaraa?' he said in Malayalam. ('Aara' means 'Who')
'Njan Happy-ya' he said. (I'm Happy)
'Ritesh evide illaa. pinne vilikkuu..okaaayy' he cut the call having said that. (Ritesh is not here. Call later)

The next day morning, luckily when the uncle was on his 'two legs', he vaguely remembered somebody had called yesterday.
'Ritesh, ninakku ariyuo?' he mumbled. (You know what?)
'Innale aaro enne vilichu. Enittu parayuva avan Happy aanennu. hehehe... athinu avan happy anengil njan enthu venam?' he laughed out loud! (Yesterday someone phoned me n said he is happy. what should i do if he is happy?)

khe khe khe...
Hearing that Ritesh too couldn't stop his laughter. His uncle never knew his friend's 'name' was 'Happy'.

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Urvashi said...

hahaa... Nice one..!!! :D :D


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