Thursday, October 8, 2009

tHe dAy hAs arRiVeD...

"At last, the day arrived. The day u gonna get married! u wanted me to wait to show this? i thought u loved me. i thought u wanted me. i thought even if years pass by, ur love for me would jus be there. but you proved it wrong.

u live happily! But never u will win. i loved you more than anyone would eva love you! i wont blame you but at least this letter will tell you how much i loved u, how much i love u..."

Photo Credit: Jason VanDorsten / Image


Riya Rocks said...

sad :(

Anoop said...

Hmmmmmm... :((

Karthik said...

Such a painful letter... :(
I humbly hope this is just a blog post, and related to you in any way..
Keep smiling..

khe khe khe...
haf fun :D
(thinking of copy right infringement?) :P

Anoop said...

Yea karthik..
tats jus a fictional post as of now... but it ll b a reality soon... :((

n yea
haf fun
khe khe khe shud b copyrighted patented...n al those... khe khe khe.. ;)

Pooja Menon said...

That's really sad.. Hope you're okay now.. :-)

Anoop said...

Very much ok now pooja


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