Thursday, October 1, 2009

i sUfFeR fRoM dEmOpHoBiA...

My parents used to take me to festivals when i was a kid. i loved playin with balloons n guns. i loved watchin other kids playin in the temple n i used to accompany them. i still remember, durin some festival at my place, me and my elder brothers went to see some program happenin there. i dono when i lost them. i dint c any of them who came along with me. i was all alone in the crowd. i looked everywhere. i dint move from where i was standin cuz i was frightened. i dint wanna get lost too. Suddenly i heard my brother's sound from the back. he did that purposely to frighten me. He made a screechin sound when he 'appeared' to give it maximum impact. i jumped off from there. Since then, i suffer from Demophobia! i'm afraid of crowds. i always feel somethin is waitin for me in the crowd which i neva wanna know. i always hear that screechin sound when i feel the fear. i hate crowds. i hate it. :|
From then, i don go to any place like shoppin malls, temples, marriages, parties (or wherever for that matter) alone. i hate goin to those places sometimes even when i have company :|


Nethra said...

There were so many spelling and grammatical mistakes. I suppose you forgot to read it once before posting it there.
I am scared of heights. I can understand your scare for crowd.

Anoop said...

spellin n gramatical mistakes??? :P
don consider the spellin mistakes.. i use chattin i don consider it.

whr r the grammar mistakes?? :P
thanks for ur comment anyway... :P
u haf fun

The Generalist said...

i once got lost at the railway station, but was soon found


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