Tuesday, October 13, 2009

aSHaMeD, aiNT yOu..?

Lets name the characters Anjali n Nandini.
They had to go out together n this story is happenin in Nandini's home. Anjali came to get some dresses from her so that she can wear it on her friends marriage. She borrowed some of her dresses and then asked for a fancy bag which Nandini had. Nandini refused cuz she already had it packed as she had to go out too.

A: *laid her eyes on the perfume bottle* 'Can i take it for myself?'
N: 'Hmm? Hahaa...'
*'N' smiled making it difficult to spot the sarcasm. 'A' was stupid enough too :P*
N: 'but i can give u that one.' *she said pointin to another bag of her*
Nandini left for a shower. After a while, they started for shopping. Midway, Nandini sighed about having left her mom's mobile phone on the dining table itself.

Next Day!
Nandini came back home n the first thing she did was searchin her mom's mobile phone. It was missing n was switched off also. Thieves are clever! She called me up n said about this. Nandini n Anjali were the only persons at home the day before n for sure Nandini is not a fool to steal her mom's mobile phone!

Nandini phoned Anjali. i reminded her not to give any clue that she s being doubted.
N: 'Hey Anjali, how are you? Did u happen to see me keepin mom's mobile phone anywhere else other than the dining table? Cuz i dont find it there now. i don remember actually'
A: 'i remember you sayin about it when we were in the bus. No, i dint see any white-mobile-phone.'
N: 'Okay. Thanks! Bye...'

Nandini called me after a while.
N: 'Hey, u know what? i cant find that perfume bottle also. OH MY GAWD!'
Me: 'Haha...great. She took it?'
N: 'Yea. She took both, mobile phone n the perfume. While i called her for askin about the mobile phone thing, she told me that she dint see any 'white-phone'. How did she know that the phone is white in color? And the same perfume she asked if she can take it for herself?'
Me: 'WHAT?' *i stood dumbstruck*

PS: Anjali borrowed everythin from Nandini and she stole her mobile phone n perfume n carried it in the very same bag Nandini gave her! See her GUTS! :O

PPS: Sorry for the lengthy post. i dint mean to :D


Harini said...

hehhe.. Nandini should have asked Anjali how she knew the phone was white :P. Anjali would hv to blab something. Thank God i dont hv such friends anymore :P.

Sunakshi said...

how cheap,stealing!!that too , her friends thing =/

and an idiot she was,she didn't realised that nandini would obviously get to know about it.

Good one btw xD

Karthik said...

Dude, did this happen for real? If it did, then it's really bad, man. What kinds of people one gets to meet in life!!
Well narrated, dude. And it wasn't lengthy. :)

Anoop said...

i asked her to ask tat way...but u know N dint want to hurt her frnd.. :O

khe khe khee...

Anoop said...

Thanks.. :D

haha..yea it happened in my life... 2day.. :O
n ofcos i changed the names except 'Me' :D

n thanks btw...

angel from heaven said...

With friends like that who needs enemies!!lolz

Anoop said...

rite angel...

khe khe khe...

Riya Rocks said...

huh i don't like such kind of so called Friendship...it's better to be alone...Thanks to God i don't have such friends btw nice post :)

Anoop said...

Thanks riya... :D


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