Wednesday, October 14, 2009

u wAnNa bE hApPy..?

you look tensed!
you tried a lot many ways to stay happy, dint you?
do u know what the problem is, at least?
did u try prayin to God?
did u try meditation?

there is a better way
try ditching me! :((

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rimz said...

ehhh... r u frustrated n pissed off too mch dis days?
i think often, praying really helps as it comes d mind a lot...

Anoop said...

no not really... but yea kinda pissed.. :((

m prayin too.. :(

Priya said...

u dont sound happy...come on its time for celebration ...Diwali is here...just enjoy..Zindagi jeene ka namm hai...i like ur blog!!

Anoop said...

Thanks Priya!

Nethra A said...

Happy diwali! Hope it burns all the pain you have within you and bring lotsa happiness in your life.

Anoop said...

happy diwali nethra
n thanks :)

vedicanbest said...

hey...diwali is a festival of light and I hope....your inner light conquers and wins over all the frustrations in your life...and that dead end gives you a new way of enjoying life...cheers!!

Anoop said...

Thanka vedicanbest.. :)

u too hav fun n enjoy life.. :))


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