Sunday, October 18, 2009

tAkE mY liFE bUt nOt mY sLeEp... :/

OK. I had enough.
Diwali - hmm...i neva thot of a day like this. The only day i neva got to sleep :( People in my street, they were on crackers all the time. Yesterday and 2day i woke up hearing the sound of crackers. OMG! i got so very irritated and i came outa my house. i saw really small kids playin with huge crackers. i hav neva went near a cracker when i was at their age.

i saw at least 25 kids carryin a stick of 2 meters in length with fire at its end. They set fire to the cracker standing 2 meters away n then do a 100 meters sprint to defeat Usain Bolt. They were up to it the whole day. not even a minute break. cuz i heard those screeching and eardrum-breakin sound f crackers at a regualr interval of 25-30 seconds. it went on for the whole day.

And the guy who stays opposite to my home, OMG, i think he had bought that BOMBS especially to disturb his neighbors. Every time he kept those bombs on the floor, the position went farther from his home n nearer to mine. i was jumping off my cot every time i hear the explosion. FUCK HIM!

i had neva been in a place on a Diwali-day where they CELEBRATE Diwali. This year, unfortunately i dint get the train tickets n i had to stay back. And 2day i took a decision, wateva on earth happens, on Diwali, i will go to Kerala. i don wanna ruin my sleep.



rimz said...

ufffff.....i too wonder how cn ppl hve fun outta sooo loud sound.
I said my bro(who is vry much fond of such stuffs) y he likes those loud sound. he cudnt ans, only said he liked dem.then I pulled his ears and shouted n screamed in his ears he just shoot away....hihi....
I said him i felt d same way wen he burnt those crackers n ol...:P

N ya i too agree wid u "take my lyf, but not my sleep"....:P..:(

Anoop said...

Yea rimz...exactly...
i dono wat pleasure they get hearin these loud sound f crackers... :|


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